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High school science teacher, mainly chemistry and a bit of design technology. Lover of anything ocean-related, especially surfing and free-diving.

Using Telkomsel? You are probably paying way too much

When I discovered this "paket" (package), I felt a mixture of joy and resentment.  Joy because I would be getting reasonably fast (by my standards) internet and generous voice/SMS for [...]

No more Calendar Notifications interrupting you!

Sometimes I think that the smaller an annoyance is, the more passionate I feel about eliminating it.  Often, the moment 30 minutes before a class starts is one of the [...]

Pelican Plans

Here is the most up-to-date version of the Pelican Plans.  Remember that if you have a question, please look at one of the finished airplanes before you ask for clarification.  An [...]

Directions to Myanmar Art Collective Home Exhibition

Saturday, 4th of April, 3 - 6 pm Jl. Masjid Arrahman No. 15B, Cilandak 12430   Driving Directions From Outer Ring Road (Simatupang Tol) Head east on Jl. Tb. Simatupang [...]

Walking Desks!

If you aren't aware of the new fad  called "Sitting Disease", you may want to check it out. I haven't read much about it, because I haven't felt the need [...]

GroupThink: Collaborative Mind Mapping in the Chemistry Classroom

Your first kiss, your first car, your first day teaching, your first mind-map. I know, you remember them all like they were yesterday.  And they're all hugely significant events in [...]

Kindergarteners come to Flight Academy

A small, but extremely eager group of kindergarden boys wanted to build some things to fly.   Well--they came to the right place!  [note--this page is meant to demonstrate my [...]

Carbon Fiber Pushrods

Pushrods are one of the most important parts of your airplane (wait--aren't they all important??). If your pushrod fails, your chances of a successful flight are very close to zero! [...]

Learning = (Human Interactions) (Individual Effort) (Real Experience)

There are so many ideas in this video ("This Will Revolutionize Education") that I can't help but cancel my original post idea, which was far more fun and nerdy (though it may [...]

Alfred: Spotlight on Steroids

Spotlight, and all of the subtle ways it can be controlled,  has to be the single most useful feature of the Mac operating system.   Once you begin using the [...]

Skitch: A simple and flexible image creation/editing tool (that syncs with Evernote!)

I discovered Skitch several months ago, and it pretty neat, but I wasn't finding that I used it very much.  Then I set it to be the default program that opens [...]


UHU Por: Apply in a bead, then immediately spread thin with your finger or spreading tool. Allow to dry fully (5-8 minutes is enough, but don't wait more than 20). [...]

GradeCam: intelligent multiple choice! (JIS-specific setup guide)

Setting up GradeCam should take you about 10 minutes.  Below the summary, there are screenshots and more indepth instructions.  In summary: Follow the link that was sent to you in [...]

No more eager-beaver emails: Boomerang

I'll admit it:  I check my email too often.  Too late, too early, too frequently.  Apparently I can't resist the microscopic hit of dopamine received by dealing with emails (even really non-urgent ones) swiftly upon [...]

Begin Build!

Today's Agenda: Knife training Partnering Begin build!    http://www.crashtesthobby.com/pelican-34.html  

Center of mass vs. Center of lift

Relationship between Center of Mass (Center of Gravity) and Center of Lift.  Reading and experiment. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/52080 Task:  Build a device from foam that demonstrates the relationship between COM, COL and [...]

Yogurt –> Greek Yogurt

If you are looking to earn the next merit badge in fermented foods, it is time to step up to Greek yogurt. Think of Greek yogurt as regular yogurt minus [...]

Elements4D is popular with cats (and teachers)

Augmented reality is right up there with flying cars and dictation:  A futuristic dream that hasn't quite reached a level of refinement that encourages widespread use.  A few years ago, [...]

Walkalong Gliders: 1.45 Grams of Magic

I can't believe how much of my past weekend was absorbed with super thin pieces of styrofoam foating oh-so-magically through the air. I have been a Radio Control (RC) nerd [...]

GradeCam: Why and How

It's everyone' favorite time of the year--exams!  I've yet to meet a teacher who loves grading, even relatively painless marking of multiple choice questions.   If you have a significant [...]