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High school science teacher, mainly chemistry and a bit of design technology. Lover of anything ocean-related, especially surfing and free-diving.

Air bubble rings

There are few things that make me as happy as seeing a perfectly formed bubble ring float to the top of a pool. Key points: Get a big weight to bring [...]

Flight Academy 2015

Time:  Friday afternoon from 3:15 - 5:15 Location:  Physics Equpiment Room, 2nd floor, G (Science) Module.] Day 1:  Introductions, 4 forces of flight, walk-along glider construction and walk-along glider competition. [...]

Opening PowerSchool Gradebook in under 3.5 seconds

Once in a while I have the great 'pleasure' of watching someone open PowerSchool's Gradebook the old way.  Depending on their tech-fluency, it can take between 3 and 10 clicks, [...]

Spotlight on steroids: Alfred

Ummm....excuse me, your Geek is showing. It takes a pretty special application to convince me to open my wallet.

Window management and customized swipes! BetterTouchTool

Once in a while you find an application that is so simple, so perfect, so obviously necessary that you can't help but wonder:  Why doesn't OS include this feature?  BetterTouchTool [...]

Where did all your disk space go? Disk Inventory X

Many people underestimate the importance of leaving a sizable portion of your hard disk free.  Imagine trying to cook a gourmet meal with 95% of your kitchen counters covered in [...]