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Looking at the IB Internal Assessment Through a PBL Lens

I feel like I am coming 'full circle' in my teaching career. I am considering a move back to the US, and COETAIL is talking about PBL!  I started teaching [...]

Spotting Successful Technology Integration

In the spirit of not reinventing the wheel, I would like to focus this post on how to recognize succesful tech integration, rather than on the definition of it.  Edutopia [...]

The World Has Gone Visual

As I continue to add to my repertoire of visual literacy  skills, I am realizing that this course has been what I would consider one of most important professional learning experiences that [...]

Hey infographics, have you met my friend physics?

If it may please the viewer, I would like to start with three simple assumptions that I hope we may all agree to: Teenagers in 2015 have been inundated with gorgeous [...]

Delivering Knowledge? The Bar Has Been Raised

The internet is a big place, but once in a while you find a niche where there is so clearly a single author dominating the scene that you remember:  Someone [...]

There are Better Ways to Use Your Time Than Mashups

Warning: I am going to come across as a Negative Nancy here.  Mashups are apparently making a huge splash across the internet, though it seems to me that the waves are [...]

The Science of Presentations

This week, instead of trying to revamp an entire presentation, which I rarely give now that I have basically flipped my chemistry classes, I decided I'd try and take a [...]

Zen-ifying and CRAP

Teachers and graphic designers have a few things in common: they work they do is powerful, complex and under-appreciated.  When I think about what makes "good design" good, I can't put [...]

Collaborative Worksheets–Why Aren’t We Doing This Already?

Hoping to be in the warmer part of the spectrum.... Credit to Life of Riley As I read more and more about the power of the modern Internet [...]

Use Your Real Name!

I am beginning to sound like a broken record here, but I can't help but feel that the predominate mood regarding digital citzenship is one of paranoia.  It is all about [...]

Using Strategy Games (FTL) to Teach Science

I have to admit that the topic of copyright did not grab my attention in the least.  I dragged myself through most of the readings before acknowledging that it just [...]

Letting Go of Privacy

Is there such a thing as privacy online? Photo Credit: davidwenell via Compfight cc It seems to me the answer to this is pretty simple:  No.  With very, [...]

Learning to Love Your Digital Footprint

What do universities, employers, and your girlfriend's overprotective mother all have in common?  They all want to know you, without the messy and time-consuming business of actually meeting you. Discussions around [...]

Using MindMaps for Collaborative Unit Planning

As Maslow says, when all you have is a hammer, you treat everything as a nail. I certainly don't have this problem--in fact, I probably have too many tools rather [...]

Final Project: Augmenting a Doozer

Why is graphite soft and slippery, while diamond is the hardest substance in the known universe--but both are just made of carbon?  Why does xenon have a higher boiling point than [...]

Meta-mind-mapping: Coggle meets Chemistry

Your first kiss, your first car, your first day teaching, your first mind-map. I know, you remember them all like they were yesterday.  And they're all hugely significant events in [...]

Final Project Hmmms and What-ifs….

This post is intended to embrace the idea of "thinking out loud" in an online context.  In brainstorming for my final project, I am coming up with a lot of [...]

Learning = (Human Interactions) (Individual Effort) (Real Experience)

There are so many ideas in this video ("This Will Revolutionize Education") that I can't help but cancel my original post idea, which was far more fun and nerdy (though it may [...]

Globalization 2.0: Remote freelancing

The outsourcing of manufacturing might be the most significant economic impactor of most developed countries in the last 30 years.  The concept of moving work to low-wage centers is anything [...]

Over-reaching claims, #StillATeenager, and Twitterpation

Hanging Out, Messing Around and Geeking Out The video below was a bit of an awakener to me, mainly because it highlighted that I am incredibly similar to our target [...]