Lessons From the Physics Sandbox

The Black Hole of Video Editing Let Me Escape So I Could Write This Post A picture is worth a thousand words, so, using of unit cancellation method, this video [...]

Living in the Multi-Tech Universe (Without the Fight)


Kinematics Through a Physics Sandbox Program: Algodoo

At Jakarta Intercultural School, 10th grade marks the move from general to specialized science. Physics A is a semester-long 10th grade course that covers the basic ideas of motion and [...]

Physics with Algodoo Begins!

We are now 3 lessons in to the kinematics unit in my grade 10 physics course. My final project is based on integrating Algodoo, a "physics simulation gaming engine" into [...]

The trouble with “final” projects: Considering them finished!

I've found the most difficult part of this final project is not what I thought it would be. I had originally anticipated the horror of video-logistics (gathering sufficient footage, storyboarding, [...]

Modding Your Professional Learning Network

Professional development is great, but the real growth in education comes from individuals that you interact with. Building your own network of educators that inspire, teach, and challenge you is [...]

An Analysis of My Engagement in Online Professional Learning Networks

As I was writing my community engagement post, I allowed myself to get pulled into a rabbit hole. That rabbit hole was data analysis. My preferred Professional Learning Network is [...]

Lessons From the MOOC, and a Defense of Classrooms

This year, I started flipping my first class. Flipped classes have a lot in common with Massive Open Online Courses. Therefore, as I read more about MOOC's, and what makes [...]

Flipping the SL Chemistry Class

If I had to say there was one huge change in my teaching this year, it would be the concept of the Flipped Class. I started flipping my IB Standard [...]

Looking at the IB Internal Assessment Through a PBL Lens

I feel like I am coming 'full circle' in my teaching career. I am considering a move back to the US, and COETAIL is talking about PBL!  I started teaching [...]

Spotting Successful Technology Integration

In the spirit of not reinventing the wheel, I would like to focus this post on how to recognize succesful tech integration, rather than on the definition of it.  Edutopia [...]

The World Has Gone Visual

As I continue to add to my repertoire of visual literacy  skills, I am realizing that this course has been what I would consider one of most important professional learning experiences that [...]

Hey infographics, have you met my friend physics?

If it may please the viewer, I would like to start with three simple assumptions that I hope we may all agree to: Teenagers in 2015 have been inundated with gorgeous [...]

Delivering Knowledge? The Bar Has Been Raised

The internet is a big place, but once in a while you find a niche where there is so clearly a single author dominating the scene that you remember:  Someone [...]

Final Project 2: Technology User Agreement — a Collaborative Approach

International collaboration is no longer really a challenge.  Sure--there are time zone differences, perhaps sometimes a firewall to go around, but in general, collaborating via Google Docs makes things pretty [...]

There are Better Ways to Use Your Time Than Mashups

Warning: I am going to come across as a Negative Nancy here.  Mashups are apparently making a huge splash across the internet, though it seems to me that the waves are [...]

The Science of Presentations

This week, instead of trying to revamp an entire presentation, which I rarely give now that I have basically flipped my chemistry classes, I decided I'd try and take a [...]

Zen-ifying and CRAP

Teachers and graphic designers have a few things in common: they work they do is powerful, complex and under-appreciated.  When I think about what makes "good design" good, I can't put [...]

Collaborative Worksheets–Why Aren’t We Doing This Already?

Hoping to be in the warmer part of the spectrum.... Credit to Life of Riley As I read more and more about the power of the modern Internet [...]

Use Your Real Name!

I am beginning to sound like a broken record here, but I can't help but feel that the predominate mood regarding digital citzenship is one of paranoia.  It is all about [...]