This post is intended to embrace the idea of “thinking out loud” in an online context.  In brainstorming for my final project, I am coming up with a lot of fun ideas, and I’d like to document my thought process–note–this post might end up just being deleted!   Here are some ideas….

  1. Students will Tweet photos, videos, websites (etc.) showing ‘real life’ examples of ______ (where _____ = the content in chemistry.  Most likely will be energetics or pH.
    1. @Chezvivien suggested I use Storify for this instead of just Twitter.
      1. Still not sure exactly what Storify is, other than an aggregator of social feeds.
  2. Students will create interactive video lessons using Zaption.  They will film a lab, trim it down, and then use Zaption to make it interactive.
    1. I like this idea, but have never used Zaption and am concerned about the “time-suck” possibility of video editing projects
  3. Students use Coggle in small groups to create review graphic organizers for their upcoming summative assessment regarding structure and bonding