Done for the day?

If you get to a point where you need to stop for the day... Work on a different part of your plane (i.e. work on the fuselage while the wing's glue dries, or work on [...]

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Pelican Plans

Here is the most up-to-date version of the Pelican Plans.  Remember that if you have a question, please look at one of the finished airplanes before you ask for clarification.  An example is often the most [...]

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Kindergarteners come to Flight Academy

A small, but extremely eager group of kindergarden boys wanted to build some things to fly.   Well--they came to the right place!  [note--this page is meant to demonstrate my ability to insert and manipulate [...]

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Carbon Fiber Pushrods

Pushrods are one of the most important parts of your airplane (wait--aren't they all important??). If your pushrod fails, your chances of a successful flight are very close to zero! Pushrods connect the servo horn [...]

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UHU Por: Apply in a bead, then immediately spread thin with your finger or spreading tool. Allow to dry fully (5-8 minutes is enough, but don't wait more than 20). Then press parts together firmly. [...]

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