Lessons From the Physics Sandbox

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The Black Hole of Video Editing Let Me Escape So I Could Write This Post A picture is worth a thousand words, so, using of unit cancellation method, this video is worth.... So I'll just [...]

Living in the Multi-Tech Universe (Without the Fight)

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"PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY" "IF I SEE YOUR PHONE IN CLASS, I'M TAKING IT" "TURN YOUR SCREENS SO THEY FACE ME" All of these phrases have come out of my mouth, and they all will [...]

Kinematics Through a Physics Sandbox Program: Algodoo

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At Jakarta Intercultural School, 10th grade marks the move from general to specialized science. Physics A is a semester-long 10th grade course that covers the basic ideas of motion and forces in order to prepare [...]

Physics with Algodoo Begins!

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We are now 3 lessons in to the kinematics unit in my grade 10 physics course. My final project is based on integrating Algodoo, a "physics simulation gaming engine" into a semester long physics course [...]

The trouble with “final” projects: Considering them finished!

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I've found the most difficult part of this final project is not what I thought it would be. I had originally anticipated the horror of video-logistics (gathering sufficient footage, storyboarding, filming, editing, etc.) would be [...]

Modding Your Professional Learning Network

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Professional development is great, but the real growth in education comes from individuals that you interact with. Building your own network of educators that inspire, teach, and challenge you is crucial to continuing your growth [...]