I’ll admit it:  I check my email too often.  Too late, too early, too frequently.  Apparently I can’t resist the microscopic hit of dopamine received by dealing with emails (even really non-urgent ones) swiftly upon their arrival to my inbox.  And despite what a lot of very intelligent people say we should be doing, I like it that way.  However, sometimes I don’t need to broadcast the fact that I checked (and replied to!) my work email at (9:30 on Saturday night).

Enter Boomerang.  A small App for Gmail that allows you to schedule your message to be sent any time you want.  That email you were about to send to a parent at 7:30 PM (therefore implying that you are available for future communications at that time!), can now be sent at a personal-boundary-respecting 8:00 AM the next day.

Part of me thinks this is ridiculous:  I am not getting the credit I deserve for being such a hard working and attentive teacher!  On the other hand, a larger part of me does not want to encourage the you-must-be-plugged-in-and-basically-working-24/7 mentality that is slowly taking over many professions, teaching only one of among many!   While I’m ranting–check out this tidbit on the history of multi-tasking and the burden of a steady-stream of “to-do” items.  It turns out even the ancients struggled with overstimulation.

As the name implies, Boomerang can also be programmed to take an email and have it return to your inbox at a specified time.  I think this is actually it’s main goal, but I find that I rarely –if ever– use this function.  Your workflow may differ, and this could be a very useful tool for you.

By the way, if you aren’t using Alfred, you should be!  (See here for my blog post about this awesome program)     I just accidentally quit it, then tried to do a command that I have become totally accustomed to (clipboard history) and it reminded me of how amazing it is.