Alfred: Spotlight on Steroids

Spotlight, and all of the [...]

Skitch: A simple and flexible image creation/editing tool (that syncs with Evernote!)

I discovered Skitch several months [...]

GradeCam: intelligent multiple choice! (JIS-specific setup guide)

Setting up GradeCam should take [...]

No more eager-beaver emails: Boomerang

I'll admit it:  I check [...]

Meta-mind-mapping: Coggle meets Chemistry

Your first kiss, your first [...]

Final Project Hmmms and What-ifs….

This post is intended to [...]

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Learning = (Human Interactions) (Individual Effort) (Real Experience)

There are so many ideas in this [...]

Globalization 2.0: Remote freelancing

The outsourcing of manufacturing might [...]

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Over-reaching claims, #StillATeenager, and Twitterpation

Hanging Out, Messing Around and [...]

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Yogurt –> Greek Yogurt

If you are looking to [...]

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