Lessons From the Physics Sandbox

The Black Hole of Video Editing Let Me Escape So I Could Write This Post A picture is worth a thousand words, so, using of unit cancellation method, this video [...]

Flipping with EduCanon PD

Want the presentation used in the PD session today? Click here:  Flipping with EduCanon (link to Keynote presentation) (link to PDF ) Demo bulb:  Sig Figs and Measurement Demo bulb: [...]

GroupThink: Collaborative Mind Mapping in the Chemistry Classroom

Your first kiss, your first car, your first day teaching, your first mind-map. I know, you remember them all like they were yesterday.  And they're all hugely significant events in [...]

Elements4D is popular with cats (and teachers)

Augmented reality is right up there with flying cars and dictation:  A futuristic dream that hasn't quite reached a level of refinement that encourages widespread use.  A few years ago, [...]