Kinematics Through a Physics Sandbox Program: Algodoo

At Jakarta Intercultural School, 10th grade marks the move from general to specialized science. Physics A is a semester-long 10th grade course that covers the basic ideas of motion and [...]

Physics with Algodoo Begins!

We are now 3 lessons in to the kinematics unit in my grade 10 physics course. My final project is based on integrating Algodoo, a "physics simulation gaming engine" into [...]

Final Project 2: Technology User Agreement — a Collaborative Approach

International collaboration is no longer really a challenge.  Sure--there are time zone differences, perhaps sometimes a firewall to go around, but in general, collaborating via Google Docs makes things pretty [...]

Final Project: Augmenting a Doozer

Why is graphite soft and slippery, while diamond is the hardest substance in the known universe--but both are just made of carbon?  Why does xenon have a higher boiling point than [...]

Meta-mind-mapping: Coggle meets Chemistry

Your first kiss, your first car, your first day teaching, your first mind-map. I know, you remember them all like they were yesterday.  And they're all hugely significant events in [...]

Final Project Hmmms and What-ifs….

This post is intended to embrace the idea of "thinking out loud" in an online context.  In brainstorming for my final project, I am coming up with a lot of [...]