Modding Your Professional Learning Network

Professional development is great, but the real growth in education comes from individuals that you interact with. Building your own network of educators that inspire, teach, and challenge you is [...]

An Analysis of My Engagement in Online Professional Learning Networks

As I was writing my community engagement post, I allowed myself to get pulled into a rabbit hole. That rabbit hole was data analysis. My preferred Professional Learning Network is [...]

Collaborative Worksheets–Why Aren’t We Doing This Already?

Hoping to be in the warmer part of the spectrum.... Credit to Life of Riley As I read more and more about the power of the modern Internet [...]

Learning to Love Your Digital Footprint

What do universities, employers, and your girlfriend's overprotective mother all have in common?  They all want to know you, without the messy and time-consuming business of actually meeting you. Discussions around [...]

Over-reaching claims, #StillATeenager, and Twitterpation

Hanging Out, Messing Around and Geeking Out The video below was a bit of an awakener to me, mainly because it highlighted that I am incredibly similar to our target [...]