As Maslow says, when all you have is a hammer, you treat everything as a nail. I certainly don’t have this problem–in fact, I probably have too many tools rather than too few–I seem to be acting like it lately. For the last several weeks I have been all about the Mind Map (you can tell how much reverence I have for them in the capital letters!).

I decided to finally jump in and try using Coggle to plan an upcoming unit on Thermodynamics/Energetics in our 10th grade chemistry course. I created the document and shared with my PLC-partner, who is a very keen guy and embraced this idea with admirable open-mindedness! (and no, he probably won’t ever read this!).

In less than 10 minutes, we had consolidated our thoughts into a pretty decent rough outline. Then we started filling in the cracks, and in about an hour we had the first few lessons basically hammered out. It was a really neat experience–working side-by-side (well, pretty close–I was on my walking desk…get those creative juices flowing) on a visually appealing, detailed unit plan. There are a lot of interesting questions this method of planning brings up, but I’ll save those for later.

This is a ‘quick and dirty’ post–just want to publish what I’ve done so far and see what people think. See the embedded Coggle below.

I have recently been introduced to Edynco and am curious to see how that works.  Haven’t had the time to tinker around with it, but seems to have huge potential.