If you aren’t aware of the new fad  called “Sitting Disease”, you may want to check it out. I haven’t read much about it, because I haven’t felt the need to be convinced–I know I feel better when I don’t sit for long periods of time.

It also makes sense to me that homo sapiens did not evolve to sit. From what I understand, early humans didn’t sit around on chairs with their arms extended out, thumping away on stone keyboards. We moved, a lot.

So with that in mind, I’ve now built two walking desks, and I am immensely glad that I did.  I can work for longer stretches, I feel better afterwards, and I have gained major campus-cred as that guy who has that weird-treadmill-computer-thingy.

The first one I built was extremely simple–as you can see.  It started with just placing a board across the arm-rests.  This was neat, but too low (I’m pretty tall).  So I just cut a couple of really big wood blocks and wired those to the handrails, and voila–the perfect height!

The second one is much more sophisticated beast, being a totally free-standing piece.  Fundamentally, this is a better setup.  It doesn’t vibrate at all during footfalls, and there is lot more desk ‘real estate’.  The only downside was that it took the better part of a day to make–though a bit part of that was working with extremely warped Indonesian-hardware-store-sourced lumber (don’t look too hard or you’ll see huge gaps all over the place!)


Walking desk V1.01



As you can see, its a very simple setup! The blocks are there only to raise the working platform, for ergonomics sake. Note the sweet hanging external monitor!




Walkind desk 2.0. Free-standing construction–no vibrations. A bit hideous, but very functional. The cat has found a fitting place to nap (yes, that is his favorite spot to sit…cat-owners will not be surprised in the least).



Mounting system for the hanging monitor. I was very nervous about it for the first few hours, but it’s now held steady for several months. I considered drilling holes in the back and looping the line through the actual case, but was nervous about hitting something critical. This works! By the way, the yellow wire is not special–I just ran out of black line.